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came ten of our warriors, Including Big Darkness
and Sun Calf, crept over to the shack and over-
powered one of the 'strange beings' and brought
It back.

When they returned to our camp, we were wait-
Ing around a big fire singing, so that the disturb-
ance would not attract the trading post. They
led a very scared-looking 'being5 to the edge of the
fire, and Big Darkness exclaimed to the throng:

*Now look.    Is it not a woman?'

Half of the tribe believed that It was a woman,
and the other half said that it was not. The con-
fusion of the argument which followed grew so
noisy that It awoke some of the Suksiseoketuk
warriors who had their camp about a hundred
yards away, and they came over to see what was
going on.

They stopped and listened for a moment3 and
then they began to laugh. They laughed for a
long time before they would tell us what they
were laughing at. And then one of them said:

'Inexperienced Blackfeet! It Is neither a white
woman nor any kind of being that you have ever
seen before. It Is a man from across the Minne-
Tonka* and he waved his arm toward the Pacific

It was a Chinaman! One of the Chinese
employed as cooks by some white prospectors.

The next morning the white minister at the